Me with my camera

Photography is one of my strongest skills and favorite hobbies.

I began with two years of black and white darkroom experience in high school, using a Pentax K1000. I learned how to develop both negatives and prints; the prints were used for the school paper and yearbook. Most of my time was spent at school sporting events. I gained an eye for telling a story through photos.

Since that time I have shot largely in digital. I have purchased and sold a series of point and shoots. My current camera is a Nikon D70. Most of my favorite shots have been taken with this camera.

On the side I have experimented with other areas of photography. I touched very briefly on scanner-based photography. I spent a week building a pinhole camera and making prints with it. I purchased a pair of low-end medium format cameras and took a handful of rolls for the experience.

I have performed jobs as a freelance photographer for corporations, education and non-profit groups.