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I have designed and maintained many web pages over the years. I began working with HTML in 1995. I have expanded to server-side scripting and style sheets in the years since.

Designed by me

My mother's online portfolio
This site was designed to showcase my mother's career accomplishments for use during job hunting. The design is purposefully simple to limit content to the description of and drive eyes to the documents linked.

Troop 374, Liberty, MO
This is my latest design for the website of my youth Boy Scout troop. I created the design using colors and themes of the unit. I also designed the back-end authentication system and database. I managed the content of the site from the mid-1990's until late 2005. The purpose of the site is to showcase the troop and the accomplishment of the boys. It is a public face of the troop and acts as a marketing tool more than a current events calendar.