A Little About Myself

Illustrating ones experiences, our autobiography-in-progress, is usually an egotistical task. We ehance our positive aspects and try to fit into the clique at the expense of reality. Going on a slight tangent, I am going to outline brief experiences I have had that represent me. If you want to know more about me than is listed here please visit the other pages on this site.

  • I spent one summer virtually without air conditioning for 65 days straight. I was awakened each morning by bugle calls played over an intercom, ate meals with 650 other people and my feet were my main form of transportation.
  • I have lived in two towns named after synonyms of "freedom."
  • I have course credits at 5 universities.
  • I once went on a 675 mile long day trip. I visited four states, crossed two major rivers and took hundreds of photos.
  • I can teach anyone how to build a tower using only logs and rope.
  • I can carry five full salad plates at once, without a tray; while every plate contains steaming hot food.
  • I have taught hundreds of 5th graders knife safety and how to carve wood.