PMCarlyle Portfolio



Enhancing Corporate Image

Report System Design and Production

Communicating how to use a new website is very important. This link shows the pdf we sent to customers, and the look and feel of the website that I designed. Introduction to New Website (.pdf)

My company sells branded polishing cloths and jewelry cleaner to our customers. As graphic designer, I often end up doing layouts for jar labels and envelopes. For this special project, my suggested design enhancement was accepted by the customer so I extended the skyline and added the burgundy background to better match the rest of their products. Plaza Gala Cleaning jar and cloth in sleeve (.jpg)

How many companies last for 90 years? I designed this logo to use during our 90th anniversary year. 90th Anniversary Logo (.jpg)

Here is an example of one of many newspaper advertisements I have created. Focus on Freedom Ad (.jpg)

Expanding on copy written by my director, I designed an informative brochure that is used by several areas of the bank. Youth Money Management (.pdf)

E-Commerce Storefront

A recent "long-going" project was the conversion of a website to a modern ecommerce site. My responsibilities included gathering and organizing the data and images for 16,000 items. I was also designer of the banner and color scheme. These two screen shots show my solution for organizing many disparate objects into a cohesive presentation of thumbnail links.

Top Level Category (.jpg)
Second Level Category (.jpg)