PMCarlyle Portfolio



Designing Catalogs

My responsibilities on the catalog projects:

Project management
Overall look and page design
Most of production
Setting up templates, chapters and files
Photo styling and supervision of photo shoot
Photo editing
File management and backup

Tools Catalog

Movement Catalog

Horological Catalog (.pdf)

Battery Guide 2015 (.pdf)

Crystal Catalog 2014 (.pdf)

Watch Band Catalog 2014 (.pdf)

Findings Catalog 2010

Since we decided to take prices out of this catalog and produce them separately, I added a pocket to the back cover. Updated price lists can be downloaded, printed and placed in the pocket by the customer.

2010 Findings Catalog (.pdf)

The price sheet is designed to be downloaded and printed on an office printer, then folded and placed in a pocket built into the back cover.

2010 Findings Price Sheet (.pdf)